DAH Theatre's 25th Anniversary


June 30th - July 3rd 2016
at DAH Theatre, Marulićeva 8, Belgrade, Serbia

Being/Becoming represents a theatre platform where research about ways of survival and the lasting of contemporary theatre art will be carried out through live encounters with artists and eminent domestic and foreign professors. During the event, cases of permanent artistic collectives will be presented. Through the form of dynamic conversations, shows, workshops, and performances, topics related to sustainability of artistic collectives will be explored. Invited guests are prominent artists and theoreticians from different fields related to performing arts from all over the world.


30. 6. 2016.

Opening ceremony
Presentation of the documentary film about DAH Theatre - Glance through Continuity

Promotion of the first book on DAH Theatre named DAH Theatre Sourcebook edited by Dennis Barnett, published by Lexington Books, USA
Participants: Dennis Barnett (USA), Ruth Margraff (USA), Ivan Medenica (Serbia), Amy Sarno (USA)


1. 7. 2016.

Dramaturgy of Resistance
Moderator: Dijana Milošević (Serbia)
Participants: Mirjana Karanović, Milena Dragićević Šešić, Ivana Vujić, Staša Zajović (Serbia)

Dramaturgy of the Costume - from Disney to DAH Theatre, presentation
Lecturer: Irina Kruzhilina (Russia / USA)

Dramaturgy of the Stage
Lecturer: Miodrag Tabački (Serbia)

Dramaturgy of the Film through the example of the movie Enclava
Lecturer: Goran Radovanović (Serbia)

The Shivering of the Rose - performance by DAH Theatre


2. 7. 2016.

Alice in the Land of Zmaj - performance for children and adults by DAH Theatre

Dramaturgy of the Festival - INFANT Festival as an example
Lecturer: Simon Grabovac (Serbia)

The Birth, Development and Survival of the Belgrade Dance Institute  - the first high educational institution for dance in Serbia
Lecturer: Aleksandar Ilić (Serbia)

Survival Challenges of an Art Collective
Moderator: Maja Mitić (Serbia)
Participants: Kathy Randels (USA) - 20 years of ArtSpot Productions, New Orleans,
in dialogue of characters Black ladies
with Tina Milivojević (Serbia)
Siegmar Schröder (Germany) - Third decade of Teatarlabor
David Daimond (USA) - Tradition of La MaMa Theatre - Continuing the vision

Women, Theatre, Survival and Vision

Dramaturgy of the Survival of the Magdalena Network - International network of women in contemporary theatre
Lecturer: Jill Greenhalgh (United Kingdom)

Dramaturgy of an Actress / Dramaturgy of a Director
Lecturer: Anna Furse (United Kingdom)

FEMART - Obstacles and Realization
Lecturer: Zana Hoxha Krasniqi (Kosovo)

The complicity of Becoming - video statement
Lecturer: Jadranka Anđelić (Serbia)

25 Glasses of Wine - lecture-performance by Dijana Milošević for the occasion of DAH Theatre's 25th Anniversary

3. 7. 2016.

From the Dreamworld to the World of Activism - Women playwrights in contemporary theatre
Moderator: Ivana Milenović Popović (Srbija / Serbia)
Participants: Christine Evans (Australia), Minja Bogavac (Serbia)

Women, Art, Resistance
Participant: Zoe Gudović (Serbia)

Should I Stay or Should I Go -  The Independent Theatre and Dance Scene in Serbia - talk about survival  and development of the artistic vision in Serbia
Participants: Nenad Čolić, Igor Koruga, Mladen Lukešević, Boris Čakširan, Marko Pejović, Nela Antonović, Dragan Simeunović, Tanja Pajović (Serbia)

In / Visible City - theatre action on bus line 26 by DAH Theatre

*Possible minor changes in schedule

The Festival programme will be in Serbian and English and will be held at DAH Theatre Research Centre, Marulićeva Street No 8, except for the theatre action In / Visible City which will be performed on bus line 26.

Due to a need for profound experimental work, directors Jadranka Anđelić and Dijana Milošević formed DAH Teatar in 1991. Actress Maja Mitić joined them from the beginning. In 1993, DAH Theater enlarged its activities by founding DAH Theatre Research Centre. Actress Ivana Milenović Popović later joined the group, followed by PR officer and organizer Nataša Novakovic. From the beginning, DAH Teatar had to face these questions: What is the role and meaning of theatre? What are the responsibilities and duties of artists in times of darkness, violence and human suffering?

In the dark times, will there be singing in the dark times? Yes, there will be singing about the
dark times.
- B. Brecht

To be an independent non-governmental group during the past decades has been a great challenge. Through their work the members of DAH Teatar have strongly opposed war and violence.

The founding and continuing motto of DAH Teatar is: In the contemporary world, destruction and violence can only be opposed by the creation of sense.

DAH Theatre believes that theatre speaks across the cultures, and is a unique vehicle for allowing different voices to be heard. Theatre can unlock communication between different nations, peoples and histories.


Admission for the Conference and Festival is 250 Euros.

Please, confirm your attendance due to the limited number of participants at the Festival.

For further information, please, do not hesitate to contact us.


Dah Theatre Research Centre


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