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About us

DAH Theatre
is the only professional and experimental theatre group in Serbia
that exists and has created nationally and internationally for over 20 years

2003, space in Maruliceva street no.8
Adaptations of the space
Call to donors


In 1991, directors Jadranka Anđelić and Dijana Milošević formed DAH Theatre out of a need for profound experimental work. Actress Maja Mitić joined the group from the beginning. In 2003 DAH Theatre enlarged its activities by founding DAH Theatre Research Centre (DTRC) to deliver an ongoing program of workshops, lectures, seminars, guest performances and festivals. In 2008 an actress Ivana Milenovic Popovic joins the theatre.

DTRC is a venue that has grown into a significant spot on the cultural and artistic map of Belgrade and Serbia.The work of the Centre is aimed towards a constant exchange of knowledge, experience and ideas amongst artists and participants from various theatrical and national traditions.

In the last two decades, through their work, the members of DAH Theatre have strongly opposed war and violence.

In 1991, when the war started in Yugoslavia, DAH Theatre immediately had to face these questions: "What is the role and meaning of theatre? What are the responsibilities and duties of artists in times of darkness, violence and human suffering?'' The group decided to interrupt their work on the performance "Gifts of Our Ancestors" to begin work on a new piece that could provide them with the answers to these questions. Dah's first performance "This Babylonian Confusion" was based on the songs of Bertold Brecht. An anti-war performance; it was presented outdoors in the centre of Belgrade at a time when it was forbidden to even mention the war.

"The forming of DAH Theatre and its cry of creation coincided with the fall of ex-Yugoslavia and the general destruction that followed. Theatre directors Jadranka Andjelic and Dijana Milosevic, together with the actress Maja Mitic, decided, perhaps subconsciously, to oppose the destruction with creation, to create, in the midst of a world falling apart, a microcosmos of theatre."
Dubravka Knezević
("Till the Last Breath", SCENA no. 5/6, Sept/Dec 1995.)

Throughout time great theatre masters have said that the first steps of a theatre group determine its destiny. This performance absolutely determined the destiny of DAH Theatre, forming the main postulates of its practice. The themes through which DAH Theatre expresses its poetics are always connected to the position of an individual in dark times and history.

DAH Theatre Research Centre members:
(in alphabetical order)

Ivana Milenović Popović - actress/program coordinator/PR
Dijana Milošević - artistic director/director
Maja Mitić - actress/producing director
Nataša Novaković - office manager/PR

DAH Theatre Collaborators:

Nemanja Ajdačić - musician
Milomir Dimitrijević - light designer
Nebojša Ignjatović - musician
Mladen Lukešević - assistant director
Uglješa Majdevac - musician
Neša Paripović - visual artist
Una Škandro - photographer

Artists who have participated in Dah Theatre performances

Actors: Vladan Avramović, Slobodan Beštić, Nenad Čolić, Varja Đukić, Jugoslav Hadžić, Aleksandra Jelić, Sanja Krsmanović Tasić, Valentina Milivojević, Alister O'loughlin, Tatjana Pajović, Mirela Pavlović, Petar Pjer Rajković, Kathy Randels, Dragan Simeunović, Zoran Vasiljević

Dancers: Lidija Milić, Donka Torov

Musicians: Aleksandra Stanić, Julijana Marković, Gorana Ćurguz



To be an independent non-govermental group in this country, during the last years, has been a great challenge. Through their work the members of DAH Theatre have strongly opposed the war and violence.

"In the contemporary world, destruction and violence can only be opposed by the creation of sense"-
is the founding and continuing motto of DAH Theatre.


"Breath (DAH) is spirit, movement of air, wind. Hermes- Mercury, God of the Winds, is called psihopompos- guide of the souls, because he escorted them to the other world."
Jan Kott
("Stone Brook'')

"Breath: Life, Soul, Life-Force, Spiritus Mundi, Spiritual Power, inhalation and exhalation symbolize the alternation of the rhythm of life and death, the manifestation and repetitive absortion in space."
Jean Campbell Cooper

(The Illustrated Encyclopedia of Traditional Symbols)

For the creators of DAH Theatre "Breath" also means to breathe in, to gather strength, to persevere, to be spiritual, to honor the spirit of life - warmth, movement, creation.


The goal of Dah Theatre Research Centre is a constant exchange of knowledge, experience and programs among artists and theatre professionals from different theatrical and national traditions.

The artistic education of young people is another important goal, reflected in the ongoing programs of theatre and dance training, and many workshops by visiting artists and pedagogues.


Work Demonstrations
Programs for Youth
Festival and Meetings
International School

Between 1993 and the present day, the Centre has organised and produced many events including specialised workshops (Laban techniques, Alexander technique, Maga Magazinovic heritage, Stilt workshop, Buhto, Suzuki techniques), international festivals and meetings, and has brought many important artists from around the world (Odin Teatret - Denmark, Joshi Oida - France/Japan, Shiro Daimon- France /Japan, Sonia Kehler - Germany, Jill Greenghalgh - UK, David Zinder - Israel, Ron Jenkins- SAD, 7 Stages Theatre -SAD, Bond Street Theater - USA, Stella Chiweshe - Zimbabwe, to mention just few).

During this time Dah Theatre has continued to tour extensively in Europe, USA, Australia and New Zealand.

In 1997, DAH Theatre was among several companies with whom the director of ODIN Theatre, Eugenio Barba, shared the "Luigi Pirandello award that he received that year.

Space in Maruliceva street no.8

After 12 years of work, DAH Theatre Research Centre, at last moved into its own space on Maruliceva Street 8 in Belgrade, with the support and recommendation of the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Serbia, the Ministry of Education of the Republic of Serbia, Cultural Department of the Municipality of Belgrade and Department of Education of the Municipality of Belgrade.


Theatre Research Centre is addressing the general public's interest

in contemporary theatre and culture through its program of activities. The Centre has the goal of becoming a place of gathering for the Vracar Municipality. This local community will, through various programs encounter the performing arts through Dah Theatre in collaboration with other artists (visual, video, film, writers, theoreticians etc).

Likewise the Centre wants to collaborate with different organisations and associations that would find this mutually beneficial - such as informal initiatives, networks, women's associations, peace organisations, special needs and ethnic minority groups.

Based in Belgrade, Serbia, our centre has a central geographical position in the region. We are easily accessible and our programs are attractive and affordable for the participants of the region. The Centre itself, with its two performing spaces, offices and adjoining facilities will be an ideal environment for running the programs.

We want our centre to be a meeting place for artists, managers of culture, specialists, different organisations and initiatives, young people and audiences regardless of age or gender from the local community, the region and beyond by:

  • Bringing the cultural worker, artists, managers, and experts from the region to meet among themselves and with the local community

  • Creating the conditions for collaboration and common projects

  • Touring our productions in the Region

  • Exchanging experiences between young people from our country and countries in the region through working together for longer periods.

  • Developing a modern educational centre for contemporary arts and management that gives an opportunity for practical work in the organisation and realisation of the programs.

Our goal also is to create a place that can empower people in facing the difficulties of society in transition.

The Dah Theatre RESEARCH CENTRE can represent a bridge between our region and the wider community. By bringing leading artists and experts to our centre we can provide for them information, exchange of knowledge and learning under affordable conditions.

In this direction we have already initiated some projects.




We are creating a WALL OF DONORS that will occupy the main hall of our theatre. On this wall brass plaques will be fixed with the names of all the donors that have helped us (anonymity will be respected if requested). The plaques will be engraved using the finest material.

Contact us for any additional information or explanation. If you wish to talk with us or visit us in Maruliceva No.8 in Belgrade, you are always welcome!



Dah Theatre Research Centre