Artists of different disciplines
(theatre, performing arts, dance, media arts, music, and writing) groups, collectives and single artists and cultural workers from all sectors from all over the world are invited to apply.

We welcome great diversity in our applicants’ nationality, age, and discipline.

Applications are open to individuals or interdisciplinary teams.

Description of residency program

We offer a great opportunity for a short term artist in residence program.

The concept of the residency is to give an opportunity for international exchange in creative environment. To stimulate creativity through direct contact with professionals from DAH Theatre and  local community, art public, local artists, cultural institutions, curators, art historians. To deepen mutual understanding and cultural exchange with other residing creators.

Our goal is to support artists by giving them time and space where they could develop their work, reflect and exchange their ideas, visions and working methods. Also, we  would like to provide an opportunity to artists to become the part of the  networks to meet the artists and the ideas animating the contemporary arts scene.

We thus invite artists to experiment, live and shape in their own way their projects in the unique territory it is located, to meet, to share, to innovate in the contemporary art creation.

A residency may be used to develop a part of a project, to explore a concept, to research artistic and technical feasibility of a certain idea, to bring an audiovisual work through post-production, to rehearse, or to test a work at full production scale.

Offered by DAH Theatre
The residency primarily supports the development of a project in a focused environment for a week up to 3 months at our space.

  • Rehearsal studio, 4-8 hours per day, depending on DAH Theatre activities
  • Tuition or artistic mentorship by DAH Theatre artists (if needed)
  • Tickets for all DAH Theatre performances and programs during the stay
  • Interviews with the DAH Theatre artists
  • Available archive for research
  • Logistics
  • Introduction to local audience
  • PR activities (if needed) 

The relationship between the resident and the host is often an important aspect of a residency program. Sometimes residents become quite involved in a community – giving presentations, workshops, or collaborating with local residents. At other times, they are quite secluded, with ample time to focus and investigate their own practice.
We welcome all artistic disciplines and exchange of ideas between artists. Residents should have sufficient ability to communicate in English. 
There is an opportunity for open studio, workshops and exhibitions, which can be organized during or at the end of the residency.

Beeing offered a working place at Dah Theatre I yet again, after spending three summers participating in the Institute, found myself among committed, highly experienced, politically aware artists. These three qualities have been central for me, since the first time, entering the doors of the theatre in 2009, and are probably the reason I feel at home every time I return. The great passion, love and knowledge which is connected to the work of this group, and the conversations in which I regularly find myself in the space: about european politics, engagement and the great need for arts, created an urge to spend more time in these surroundings, and to exchange also my own work with the people who inspired me the most.

Petra Adlerberth-Wik, director at Implodera Scenkonst, Sweden



DAH Theatre is located in part of the city called Vračar, which is less than 4 kilometres away from downtown Belgrade.
Dah Theatre Research Centre is located on the ground floor of the primary school "Kralj Petar II Karađorđević" in Marulićeva Street, Belgrade (separate back entrance).
It consists of 1 rehearsal studio, two offices, a library (DAH Theatre archive), a kitchen and toilet.

Studio Information

Rehearsal studio of 8.5m width, 12.5m length, 4.5m height for work, and it can be used for meetings and workshops, art presentations, lectures, and performances...

Outside the building


Inside - rehearsal and performing studio

Second studio of 8.5m width, 12.5m length, 4.5m height for conferences, presentations, film projections or panel discussions

Duration of residency
From 1 week up to 3 months

Working language



DAH Theatre does not offer the accommodation, but we are happy to help you in finding affordable accommodation in Belgrade.
Please choose an option if interested:
1. SINGLE ROOM with local family 
3. YOUTH hostel (15–20 euros per day, shared room)
We are happy to take you from the airport/bus/train to your accommodation once you arrive, but on departure, you will organize that part yourself with our help.

Expectations of the artist

An exhibition, presentation or performance as well as a publication are desired at the end of the residence time.
The participants are asked to write a blog about their stay.


Paid by Artist

The fee for the DAH Theatre Artist-in-residence is 150 Euros per week (500 euros per month)
Travels and food, eventual extra requirements regarding techniques, material, scenic design and equipment.


For now grants are not available. All expenses are paid by artist.
The artist is responsible for her/his living expenses as well as their travel costs to Belgrade.
The artist is responsible for any and all loss or damage of property during their stay at DAH Theatre residence.
The artist is responsible for arranging insurance to cover any possible accident, loss or damage (including but not limited to health insurance and general liability insurance) during their stay in Serbia.


To apply to undertake a residency, simply complete the form below.

Application will be judged on the basis of CVs and portfolios submitted by artists committee. You can send your application at any time.


Dah Theatre Research Centre                                              
Maruliceva 8 
11000 Belgrade,Serbia
Tel:   +381 11 744 9807
Fax:  +381 11 644 1680       
E mail:office@dahteatarcentar.com


Dah Theatre Research Centre
Marulićeva 8, Beograd


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