DAH Teatar Research Centre is active in various theatre networks:

  • Assitej - International Association of Theaters for Children and Young P People

  • CEDEUM - Center for Drama in Education and Art

  • European Off Network

  • ITI - International Theatre Institute

  • IDEA - The International Drama/Theatre and Education Association

  • Nezavisna kulturna scena Srbije

  • Theatre without Borders - International Thetare Network

  • The Magdalena Project - International Network of Women in Contemporary theatre


International projects:

Networking Memories (2011/12)
The project purpose is the creation of a new and sustainable network among 8 cultural and civil society organizations from Bosnia I Herzegovina, Italy, Kosovo and Serbia (Dah Theatre) that aims at involving citizens in the realization as well as in the conception of multi-country joint activities

Small Acts of Apocalypse (2010/11/12)
Collaboration between Dijana Milošević and Kathy Randels, Art Spot Productions (New Orleans) on the performance Small Acts of Apocalypse

Woman/Sea (2010)
international collaboration between Anna Furse (Athletes of the Heart, UK), Maja Mitic (DAH Teatar, Serbia) and Antonella Diana (Teatret OM, Denmark) on the performance Woman/Sea

Dogsbody (2008/09)
Collaboration between Dijana Milošević and Yugen Theatre, San Francisco on the performance "Dogsbody", written by Erik Ehn and directed by Dijana Milošević. World premiere was on 22nd-24th October at Yerba Buena Center for the Arts

In Search of the City (2007)
A site specific performance on the ruins of the National Library on Kosančićev Venac in Belgrade
Collaboration between DAH Teatar and fragment theatre from Switzeland

The project is being realized in collaboration with the theatre fragment from Basel, Berne and Zurich, Switzerland. This represents the continuation of the work between fragment and DAH Theatre which started in 2004, when members of fragment were in International School for Actors and Directors of DAH Theatre. From then on the collaboration was intensified year by year: taking part at the International School and developing theatre projects. The exchange of working strategies, of cultural themes and of aesthetic thoughts is an important enrichment for fragment`s artistic work and development.

Interplay (2004/05)
Collaboration between New Dramatists (, New York and DAH Theatre Research Centre, Belgrade.

DAH Theatre is participating in INTERPLAY, a project initiated by New Dramatists - "a house for artists and play writers" from New York. Interplay is an exchange between playwrights from USA, Hungary, Czech Republic and Serbia. Partners in this project are: the National Theatre from Budapest, International Theatre Institute from Prague and DAH Theatre from Belgrade.

The aim of the project is that one playwright from USA, comes to each theatre/organisation and to collaborate in their production, in late 2004. Hosting theatres, on the basis of their texts, will choose those playwrights. The second part of this project will take place during the spring of 2005. Playwrights from the partner countries, through the theatres mentioned previously, will send their texts for selection to New Dramatists. One playwright from each country will be chosen to visit NYC.
The project is supported by the Trust for Mutual Understanding, USA.

When the Angels of Heaven Saw the Daughters of Man (2000)
with participation of Sanja Krsmanovic Tasic and Maja Mitic and US actors and musicians - a project generated by Eric Ehn, playwright from Los Angeles, USA, and produced by the University Mainstage Theatre in Iowa City, USA. The book of Genesis is the starting point of this piece; it is a "love story on a spiritual scale."

photo: Antonella Diana
Landsacpe of Memories (2000)
directed by Jadranka Andjelic. An international project involving Spanish, Italian and Yugoslav artists dealing with the subject of memories on a personal and historical level. "How do memories, especially painful ones, become energy for a different future?" Produced by INFANT Festival in Novi Sad.
Dream Station (1999)

co-directed by Dijana Milosevic and Geddy Aniksdal (Grenland Friteater) from Norway - a project devised especially for the turn of the century, performed on 31st December 1999 in Posgrunn, Norway, with the participation of an international cast and artists.
Landscape Of Memories  


Main international partner of DAH Theatre is 7 Stages Theatre from Atlanta (USA), which has been the producer and organizer of three american tours. In 2001st performance "Maps of Forbidden Remembrance" was done in co-production of DAH Theatre and 7 Stages Theatre, and in August of 2005th will be the premiere of the " Alice and Kafka are Dead/Long Live the Rosenbergs ", second co-production.
In co-production with Bitef Theatre, in 2002nd was the premiere of performance "Cirque Macabre".

In/visible City in Norway 2008

Cooproduction between Dah Theatre and Grenland Fritheatre on project "In/visible City". The performance was performed as part of the project "Sence of Place" that deals with history of that part of Norway.






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