Alise in the Land of Zmaj


While playing and competing, through clamor and hubbub, in silence, song and laughter, and with a few of those tears that made "the pool of tears", we weaved the poetry of Jova Jovanovic Zmaj into the famous novel of Lewis Carroll's - Alice in Wonderland. By merging the two great authors, we also toyed with the memories from our childhoods. We were "chased by verses", confused by what "big" meant and what "small" was. We were haunted by the overwhelming question "Who am I?"
Audiences will be able to witness the creative act of characters of the performance making a play within a play. As we go back to the roots of serious and quality literary acts, children will have an opportunity to use gameplay to becomeintroduced to the dramaturgy and the mise-en-scene processes of this, or any other play. A game within a game, a play within a play - they strive to initiate creativity and joy for life and art.

Direction & Dramaturgy: Maja Mitić
Texts: Jovan Jovanović Zmaj, Lewis Carrol, Ivana Milenović Popović, Maja Mitić, Anđela Popović
Actors: Ivana Milenović Popović, Maja Mitić, Ivan Nikolić, Anđela Popović
Video, papier-mâché props& Graphic Design: Maja Vučić
Scenography: DAH Teatar
Costume Design: DAH Teatar
Costume Manufacture: Slavica Hinić, Nevenka Delić
Light Design: Mladen Lukešević
Photography: Una Škandro
Organization & PR: Nataša Novaković

Special thanks to: Dijana Milosević, Donka Torov, Nemanja Ajdačić, Nemanja Lazić


Dah Theatre Research Centre


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