Women in an Equal Europe (2016-2017)
EU Project

Using creative processes and a feminist framework to investigate and reflect on the experiences of women living in the European Union and the power of EU Policy to promote gender equality, human rights and inclusion. This transnational project involves four European partners from Ireland, Spain, Croatia and Serbia and uses creative processes of theatre and film and on-line resources to promote a greater understanding of women's rights and the positive changes that have come about in relation to gender equality as a result of belonging to the European Union.
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In/Visible City - an ongoing project since 2005
EU Project 2011-2012

Starting from the fact that our cities today are (as it was in the past) multi-ethnic cities with many inhabitants of different origin and culture, and that the awareness of that fact has faded in the last decade due to the crisis and wars that created multi-ethnical conflicts, we have created a project that promotes human rights, diversities and makes the culture of different ethnic communities more visible.

The Power of Remembrance (2013)
The project consists of research, music installation and performance Presence of Absence
The project is dealing with post-traumatic memory, specifically memory of women that are the keepers or beholders of the memory related to their dearest ones from their families, who went missing.
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FOCUS - For Culture in Serbia (2013)
EU Project

Empowering Young Women to Monitor Government Commitments in Gender Equality 2012/13
EU Project

The aim of the project is the regional partnership of Civil Society Organisations (CSOs) contributing to the implementation of gender-related laws, policies and action plans in participating countries (Serbia, Montenegro and Bosnia and Herzegovina).
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In/visible City (2011-2012)
EU Project

Dah Theatre is the first organization from Serbia to be authorized by the European Commission to be a co-ordinator and a manager of the project as part of the programe EU "Culture 2007-2013".
Dah Theatre is working on the project In/visibe City in coolaboration with artistic organizations from Denmark, Great Britain, Macedonia and France.

Networking Memories (2011/2012)
EU Project

The purpose of the project is for the creation of a new and sustainable network among 8 cultural and civil society organizations from Bosnia and Herzegovina, Italy, Kosovo and Serbia (Dah Theatre) which aims to involve citizens in the realization and conception of multi-country joint activities.

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The Action In/visible City (2005/08)view more

In/Visble City is one of the winners of the ERSTE Foundation Award for Social Integration 2009.
The only regional Award of this kind aims to give recognition and promote organisations and projects that intend to create a stable and just society, which includes disadvantaged and marginalised groups. All submitted projects have been evaluated based on criteria of their effectiveness and specific benefits for society.

The project In/Visible City is given as an example of one of the most successful projects on inter-cultural dialogue in the year 2008 by the European Institute for Comparative Cultural Research (ERICarts)

The project In/Visible City addresses the theme of fighting against racism and the protection of minorities and consists of a set of actions that use contemporary theatre techniques in working with different minority groups. The aim of the action is to help in the promotion and improvement of their rights  by making different minority groups in Belgrade more visible and also by supporting their culture. The action also aims to help in increasing the inter-ethnical dialogue and tolerance by creating the situations for inter-cultural exchange.

Serbia today is (and in the past) a multi-ethnic state with many inhabitants of different origins and cultures and the awareness of that fact has faded over the last decade due to the crisis and wars that created multi-ethnical conflicts. We have created a project that promotes human rights and makes the culture of different ethnic communities that make the population of Serbia more visible.

In/Visible City reflects on the positive aspects of our cultural and national differences, on the history of the cities that were created by many nations that have interwoven into it their culture, customs and achievements.

In the period from June 2007 until May 2008, the project has taken place in towns of Serbia where the population of different ethnical origins lives: Niš, Leskovac, Vranje, Subotica, and Inđija.

Through the performances in the public buses that "told" the multi ethnic history of the cities, we wanted to contribute to the normalization of relationships between different ethnic communities and to the development of a civil society that is based on tolerance.

The positive reactions of the audience and public affirmed that the citizens of Serbia needed this action.

   " In a busline between Mali Bajmok and Palic, long 10 kilometers, with sounds of accordion, violine, rap music and drums, travelers were present in a theatrical spectacle, that neither limited space nor skiding of the bus in a curve coludn't  disturbe. The performance was devised  like a journey throug history of Subotica, and many citizens were delighted with things that they have heard and learned."
( BLIC  Vojvodina - Biljana Vučković )

In/visible City announced on June 23th,2008 at International Festival of Alternative and New Theatre  - INFANT (Novi Sad) and it was performed on tour  in Norway in production of Grenlandfree Theatre, as part of the project "Sense of Place" , which deals with the history of that region of Norway.

IN/VISIBLE NEIGHBORS (2006)view more

The realization of the project was suppoted by the Municipality of Vračar


Previous projects

With support of European Cultural Foundation

The project involves young participants of the DAH Theatre Youth Drama Group, and Roma children and young from Vracar Municipality and also children gathered around the Roma Cultural Centre in Mali Mokri Lug. The duration of the project was eight months and presents a period of research and work in the realm of subjects important for the young people, with special attention to the moment that we are in right now: the moment of transition. The partner organizations of this project were the groups: "Let's..." and ERGstatus Dance Theatre from Belgrade.

The project developed in phases:
The First phase
"THIS IS WHO I AM - With Eyes Wide Open" (April - June 2004)
Includes work with the young people from DAH Theatre's Youth Drama Group and had as its result a performance with the same title.
The Second phase
"THIS IS WHO WE ARE" (September 2004 - January 2005)
It consisted of drama workshops with children of Roma and Non Roma nationality in which also young people from the Drama group were included as collaborators.

This final performance included all participants in the project.

With support of the Fund for Open Society in collaboration with the Open Society Institute, Budapest

From June 2002 till April 2003, DAH Theatre Research centre hosted numerous cultural experts and art managers that want to apply innovative work models based on the research of the cultural practices of other countries. These professionals can make a significant contribution to the reforms and changes in the realm of culture and art in their environments. DAH Theatre Research centre was also host for interns from Azerbaijan, Poland, Russia, Mongolia and Armenia.

With the support of Arts And Culture Network Program -OSI Budapest

The first phase of the project took place from November 2002 till November 2003 through a series of workshops and meetings that involve artists and experts from our country and the region. The target group is the young leaders of NGO's, young artists and students, and young participants of the project "Play Against Violence". The aim was to inform them about the organisation, financing and ways of survival of artists.

Workshop - Patricia Alves
The project was divided into phases: THE SEED, THE BUD, THE BLOSSOM, THE GARDEN that followed all the steps of creating, finansing and organizing of artistic projects. The project also deals with networking as one of the ways both of connecting and better maintaining of organisations.

Lecturers from: Denmark, Hungary, Romania, Serbia, USA, Great Britain, and Holland.

Participating organisations: Cultural centre REX, Bitef Theatre, centre for Permanent Education, Association of Independent Theatres from Belgrade, Mostar Youth Theatre, the Magdalena Project - International Network of Women in Contemporary Theatre. Concept Conference, Great Britain, 7 Stages Theatre, USA.

The ending of this project was the beginning of a new and more developed program, THE INTERNATIONAL STUDIES OF CONTEMPORARY PERFORMANCE ARTS.

From 1999 until 2003, DAH Theatre was involved in the project "Play Against Violence/Igrom protiv nasilja" of the European Cultural Foundation, with its Youth Drama Group. This project was part of a wider program Art For Social Change. The results of this project were presented as performances in the festivals DOORSTEPS (2003) and CROSS-DISSOLVE (2003), organised by the Association of Independent Theatres (ANET) from Belgrade, whose members were also part of this project.



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